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Operating Budget are those expenses (repairs, maintenance, painting, tree trimming, pool operations, landscaping, etc) that have a useful life of less than 1 year. Capital Projects have a useful life of greater than 1 year (roofs, retaining walls, concrete replacement, pool resurfacing, etc).  
2015 Projects Include:   Painting of 2-3 Courts, Vie Jo Retaining Wall Replacement, & the renovation of the playground including the purchase of new playground equipment. The renovation of our tennis courts is tentative pending collection efforts this budget year.  
2016 Painting Projects
Next Up Courts:  Keats & Burberry
Anticipated Start Date: 3rd Quarter 2016
The board is currently planning the 2016 painting projects.  Keats, Burberry, & VieJo are the next courts in line for painting.  VieJo will likely be painted in 2017 along 
                               with Elena & Hartley.  Byron & Sonora are expected to be painted in 2018.
Terrestria Board of Directors Election: Results:
 Gary Miller (ARB Liason), Roosevelt Smith (Secretary), & Anthony Micale (Treasurer) have been elected.  
                        See About Us for more information on the current board. 
See My Community for Residnet Meeing Dates, Current Issues, ARB Property Modification Requests, Resident Profile Forms, Work Orders, & Clubhouse Rental
Contains guidelines for proper disposal of your household items (Paint, Furniture, Appliances, Large Items, Oil, etc).
Follow Link to Paint Center in My Community...Please Submit a ARB Modification Request Before Doing any Work to your Property.
Terrestria HOA Dues & Collection Information Center
Effective April 1st, 2016, Terrestria HOA monthly dues will be $145 (3.7% Increase) for the Town homes and $30 for the Singles.  Thank you.
Collection Update:  
Our Collection Attorney is Eric Mann, who is also our General Counsel for other legal matters.  The Association will continue to take every legal measure to collect on delinquent accounts including adverse credit reporting, judgments & liens, foreclosures, wage garnishment, asset seizure, etc.  We have already begun foreclosure proceedings on some homes and have executed wage garnishments & asset seizures on others.
You can learn more about McAllister, Hyberg, White, Cohen & Mann PC at: www.mhwclaw.com
If you have any questions about your account in Collections, please contact Eric's Office @ 609-407-1000
All repair requests must be submitted in Writing online or by using the Repair Request Form to the Terrestria Office. Telephone calls will NOT be accepted as a repair request. This is required to track all repairs requested and work orders assigned to contractors as well as to get specific needs in writing.
Please submit your contact information as well as a description of your problem to our office staff.  
Terrestria Pool Resurfacing Project
Contractor:  RMS
Cost of Project: $26,000
The Association had the Terrestria Pool resurfaced at the start of the 2012 Pool Season.  Soon after its opening, the pool surface began to crack and continued to get worse as the season progressed.  In May 2013, our pool company, RMS, completely resurfaced both pools at no additional cost to the association.  Since the 2nd resurfacing, we have had no issues with the pool.  The Association budgeted for a pool cover which will protect and extend the life of our new pool surface.  The cover was installed Sept 2013. 
Pool Tag Form: Please complete the form and return to the office for your pool tags for the 2016 season.
Jaeger Court Roofing Project Update
Contractor:  Everlast Roofing
Approx Cost of Project:  $125,000 
Start Date:  March 2013
Completion Date:  April 2013
As many of you are already aware, the Association has hired FWH (engineering firm used for the Byron Court Wall) to conduct a Reserve Study for Terrestria Homeowners Association. 
A Reserve Study is a budget planning tool which identifies the current status of our Reserve fund and a stable and equitable Funding Plan to offset the anticipated future major common area expenditures. The ReserveStudy consists of two parts: the Physical Analysis and the Financial Analysis. This document is often prepared by an outside independent consultant for the benefit of the Board of Directors / Management of a Homeowners Associations (HOA), containing an assessment of the state of the commonly owned property components as determined by the particular association's  bylaws. Reserve Studies are planning tools designed to help the Board anticipate, and prepare for, the property's major repair and replacement projects.
The purpose of the Reserve Study is to give those overseeing the maintenance of the property a better idea of what major expenses to expect and an educated estimate of when these expenses will occur. With this knowledge the Homeowner's Association or property manager can create a more effective budget which also helps them to determine an appropriate amount of dues to charge each homeowner monthly to put towards reserves savings, and make accurate disclosures about the status of the Reserve Fund to homeowners.
An initial draft of the Reserve Study has been received and the Board will be meeting with FWH to review their findings.  Once any corrections or changes are made, we will present the Reserve Study to the residents. 
The Board of Directors is doing everything possible to work within our normal budget and 5% increases.  That combined with our improved collection efforts have gone a long way towards improving our financial situation.  Our goal is to meet our capital improvements based on their suggested future replacement schedules.  
Sonora Court & Stonebridge
Retaining Wall Update:
Contractor:  Markman Landscaping
Cost of Project: $60,000
Completed:  August, 2012
The Sonora Court & Stonebridge Wall has been completed.  We hope that everyone like the new wall.  We feel that it is another step in increasing property values in Terrestria.  We ask that all Residents be mindful of the new wall and please ask your children to refrain from playing on it.  We have already had to cut down 3 rope swings.  We do not want to see anyone get hurt and we dont want there to be any damage to the wall or to the planned landscaping improvements coming Spring 2013.  Thank you. 
Management, Terrestria HOA
Byron Court Retaining Wall Update
Contractor:  High Tech Landscaping 
Engineer:  FWH Engineers
Approx Cost of Project:  $70,000 
The Byron Retaining Wall Project has been completed.  
We appreciate your patience for this project.  If you have any further questions, please contact the office or attend one of the upcoming Resident Meetings.  Thank you.
-Jason Cocco, Board President, Terrestria HOA
Terrestria Sewer System & MUA
Gloucester Township MUA Has Continued the Mapping  of Terrestria Sewer Lines
Sept 2010
The Gloucester Townhip MUA has continued the mapping of the Terrestria Sewer Lines.  This process will identify the problems causing sewage backups throughout Terrestria.  Once identified, we will meet with the Townhip to address the repairs, and ultimately ownership of the system and responsibility for future maintenence.  During the mapping process, the MUA is "jetting the lines" which will clear debris to allow the mapping equiptment to travel the lines.  This will hopefully alieviate some of the problems.  It has been communicated to us that there are tree roots obstructing parts of the system.  We will keep you informed of any new developments. 
We would also like to thank the numerous residents who volunteered their time to help our community by attending the Township Council meetings.  We appreciate all your support.  This is an issue that affects all homes in Terrestria and it is important we all are involved in this issue. 
-Jason Cocco, President, Terrestria Board of Directors
Board Passes Towing Resolution
The Terrestria Board of Directors Has Amended the Towing Resolution to allow for the Towing of Cars as part of our Collection Efforts. 
Homeowners who are 6 months delinquent in their dues will have ALL parking priveleges on Terrestria property revoked.  If you enter into a payment arrangement your parking will be provisionally reinstated as long as you adhere to the payment arrangement.   Those residents who are in payment arrangement will NOT be towed.
Our collection efforts begin with late notices, followed by liens and judgements & towing.  If the homeowner still does not enter into a payment arrangement, the legal process continues and Stark and Stark will proceed with wage garnishments, bank account levies, asset seizures, and finally the foreclosure process. 
Terrestria Homeowners Association Board of Directors
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